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"A Glimmer of Light"

Studying on the MA Programme over the weekend, I got a chance to reflect and think about how I might work with a child like ‘Zoe’ – this video gives an insight into the pain, conflict and sorrow that exists in the heart of such a child.

The reason why I got into this work of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is to try to provide support to a child whose “world has turned upside down, where order has disappeared”, to sit with a child who feels “unseen, unheard and unwanted”, to provide a place of solace to a child who feels “trapped in the misery of their life”. To one day help them see, that “maybe they don’t have to do it all on their own” and to gently remind them “they are loveable and worthy of care”. Ultimately, “a glimmer of light can make all the difference”.

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