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"Soraya has been an invaluable guide and source of support for our family. Her expertise and compassion have helped our daughter blossom into a more confident and emotionally aware individual. Through her therapy sessions, our daughter has gained a deeper understanding of her emotions and has learned to navigate them with grace and resilience. Soraya's insights have not only empowered our daughter but have also helped us, as parents, better understand her thoughts and feelings. We are immensely grateful for Soraya's dedication and professionalism, and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking support for their child's emotional well-being."

  Mom and Dad of Faye, age 6, Co Dublin (2024)


"Our son needed help with anxiety. We found Soraya from her website. We had an introductory phone call which was very helpful to get a sense of the process. We got an appointment shortly after. The parents Skype meeting was very useful. Soraya really wants to get to know the individual child. Her room is lovely and a comfortable setting for children. Our son formed a good relationship with Soraya. She was fun, patient and supportive. He looked forward to the weekly sessions and found it easy to talk to Soraya. He became aware of his emotions and still uses the strategies. There was plenty of feedback to parents. I would recommend her to other families."

  Mom and Dad of Finn, age 8, Co Dublin (2024)


"Soraya was recommended to us by a family friend for our daughter who has always struggled with anxiety from a very young age.  We struggled with getting her to open up to new activities or new people she would always get herself very worked up and lots of tears at even the thought of entering a new class or anything out of her comfort zone.  From the very first session Soraya's calm presence and assurance to our daughter made her feel very comfortable and safe.  We never had one session she did not want to attend.  She looked forward to her weekly sessions and all the wonderful activities they would do.  I noticed within a few weeks she would talk more and more about her daily life and any worries she had which she had never done before.  Soraya has given her little tools to use and ways to have more positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts about things. The regular parent feedback was great to get and very reassuring.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Soraya to any parent who is thinking about sending their child to therapy."  

  Mom and Dad of Jenny, age 11, Co Wicklow (2023/2024)


"Soraya was recommended to us by a valued friend with considerable knowledge of the counselling field.  From the very outset Soraya was kind, thoughtful, considerate and understanding.  I trusted her at once and our somewhat reluctant daughter took to her straight away.  She was very comfortable sharing her worries / issues with Soraya.  She looked forward to every session with Soraya and we could visibly see the uplift after each session. Soraya kept us updated without betraying our daughters trust.


We are delighted with our daughters growth in confidence and self belief.  We trusted Soraya and she exceeded our expectations.   We have no hesitation in recommending Soraya - she put our daughter first and centre and it’s been a great experience.   Kindness and love at the heart of all she does.  Thank you Soraya."  

  Mom and Dad of Emily, age 15, Co Dublin (2023/2024)


"From the very beginning, Soraya put me at ease and assured me as we progressed through my daughter's sessions. I felt Soraya took all of my concerns and worries about my daughter onboard and considered them throughout the process. I found the sessions provided me with tools to help my daughter through this difficult time and enabled my daughter to speak more freely about her concerns and worries.


It was evident from the first session that my daughter was comfortable with Soraya and formed a bond with her and felt she was a confidant and someone she could trust. I watched as my daughter's confidence built on a weekly basis and she became less self-conscious and her anxieties began to ease. 

I could not recommend Soraya highly enough to any parent, she is caring, calm, considerate, empathetic, and warm. She has given my daughter the coping skills she needed that continue to help her every day."  

  Mam of Mia, age 14, Wicklow (2023)


"From day one Soraya maintained my son's confidentiality, while making it clear that she would only break this should there be high risk concerns. This not only reassured me, but also my son, that he had a safe space to talk openly and freely without judgment. 


It was clear after only a few sessions with Soraya, that she had formed a great relationship with my son that allowed him to be comfortable and vulnerable with her.


When other concerns arose, such as a family bereavement, Soraya shifted gears to accommodate those needs. While, not forgetting my sons needs that brought him to her in the first place. 


I would highly recommend Soraya, she is very welcoming, extremely understanding, empathic, patient and kind. She has a way of creating an environment and safe space that supports the child and parent when navigating difficult times."  

  Mom of Greg, age 15, Redcross (2022/2023)


"From the outset we (parents) felt we had been lucky enough to find a therapist that really clicked with and understood our child. We always found Soraya to be very contactable and responsive on concerning issues we had. Soraya always maintained our child’s confidentiality unless there were high risk concerns. We are happy that Soraya has provided our child with coping mechanisms that she did not previously know how to implement. We definitely feel that our child’s anxiety has been considerably reduced, leaving her free to enjoy life. I would highly recommend Soraya as a psychotherapist especially for teenagers (as was our experience) as she really connected. Parent feedback at regular intervals is great and giving our teenager the coping skills to take responsibility and ownership of her emotions and how to manage them has helped us as a family.."  

 Mom and Dad of Mandy, age 15, Wicklow (2023)


"Our daughter started to see Soraya because she was struggling with anxiety.  For the first two weeks, she went in in tears, such was her anxiety.  But by the end of the second session she had built up a great rapport with Soraya and in the sessions after that, she ran in.  When the time came for the sessions to finish, she was very disappointed.  Soraya gave her a new outlook and tools to deal with what life throws at her. She was an excellent help to us and I highly recommend her to anyone who has a child that needs help."  

  Dad of Cathy, age 11, Wicklow (2023)


"Soraya was a breath of fresh air and hope into a family that needed help. We struggled with our daughter's happiness-health feeling powerless. Soraya helped us find a way up and out. She was patient with all of us and we all felt part of the process. She was wonderfully inclusive. My daughter's privacy was respected but we didn't feel pushed out. It was definitely the right thing to go to Soraya. Even now, after we have moved on we still feel that Soraya is there should we need her. And our daughter is a happier, stronger more confident girl to our joy. Thank you Soraya."  

  Mom and Dad of Jessica, age 14, Wicklow (2022/2023)


"When we first decided to bring our son to therapy we were a bit worried if he would feel comfortable as he finds it hard to open up to people. Soraya was amazing from the start. She made us as parents feel supported and not judged in any way during the parent session. From the first appointment our son was so happy to go to Soraya again. James felt understood and safe and loved going back every week. We noticed a change in him at home too and he was able to talk to us more about his worries. He came out of the sessions more confident and happy. James is quite sad that the block of sessions has ended and we will definitely send him back in the future as he benefited from seeing Soraya so much. He really feels like he made a special friend. We are so grateful to Soraya and all her help and insight. We would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about sending their child to therapy. You will not regret taking that step."  

  Mom and Dad of James, age 10, Wicklow (2022/2023)


"I cannot recommend Soraya highly enough; from the minute we entered the room we were greeted with such warmth. A truly safe place for our daughter to talk freely and work through her anxiety. Soraya has created a lovely, homely space.  Rebecca looked forward to her weekly sessions. Her time with Soraya has really helped her, especially the transition into secondary school,  making it such a good experience instead of one filled with fear. The support and tools given to Rebecca to help her deal and work through her anxiety are invaluable and it’s like a cloud has lifted and our, happy, fun-loving girl is back."  

  Mom and Dad of Rebecca, age 13, Wicklow (2022)


"We found Soraya to be a warm and calm therapist from the beginning. She was genuinely interested in our daughter and provided her with a safe space to explore her worries.  Amy looked forward to her sessions every week and we have noticed a significant improvement in Amy’s self esteem and understanding of herself and others. She has come away with tools to help herself with her anxiety and her relationships going forward, and she is so much more optimistic about her future now.  We would strongly recommend Soraya to any parents who want their child  to have a safe, respectful and empowering therapeutic experience."  

  Mom and Dad of Amy, age 12, Dublin (2022)


"I'm not sure we could have found a better Therapist for our daughter. At 15, she has been experiencing anxiety and struggling to manage at times. Soraya has a gentle, warm yet strong approach that suited our daughter's personality well. We felt very involved in the process, while at the same time, our daughter felt secure that this was a safe, neutral and confidential space for her to work through her issues. Not only did she have this much needed support, she also developed her own tools for coping better herself going forward. I couldn't recommend Soraya highly enough, as she walked alongside our family when we needed someone to guide and support our child."  

  Mom and Dad of Isabella, age 15, Dublin (2022)


"From the moment I stepped into Soraya’s room I felt we were with someone who we could trust. She understood and had real empathy for a parents decision or need to begin therapy on behalf of their child.


Each week our child is at the centre of the therapy but Soraya is always mindful to what we might inform at our review sessions and has a lovely way of explaining the process to us.


Our child has allowed the process to be a safe place for her and given her a space to open up and share her thoughts at times at home. She has found a way of using the techniques so I hope she can bring them to her daily routine.


I would definitely recommend Soraya as she can really see and understand my daughter and hear our concerns as parents. Her professionalism was always there but her child-focused approach always made us feel individually cared for."

  Mom of Ava, age 9, Wicklow (2021/2022)


"Soraya has helped me a lot with my anxiety. She provided me with an outlet to express my worries, dilemmas, and concerns. The amount of anxiety I experience now has decreased a lot compared to before. From my experience with Soraya I think her services would really benefit anyone that suffers with anxiety or depression."  

  Hannah, age 13, Wicklow (2021/2022)


"I am very grateful to Soraya for her dedication and professionalism in her work with my son. Soraya created a safe, kind and fun space for my son every week, he loved going to his sessions and always came out lighter, happier and more connected to himself.  Soraya made us both feel safe and respected in her approach we knew that my son had a strong kind advocate on his team, who really wanted the best for him. Soraya connected so well with my Son and really tailored her work to where he was at. We will always be grateful."  

  Mom of Sean, age 9, Wicklow (2021/2022)


"From the first time we met Soraya, both myself and my husband knew we had made the right choice for our daughter Hannah. Soraya is very approachable and easy to talk to and has a very calming presence and I felt Hannah would be comfortable speaking with her.  After their first session, Hannah said her nervousness was gone within a few minutes and she really enjoyed it and could see that it would help her.  Since then Hannah has gained so much from her sessions with Soraya, we've really seen an improvement in her confidence and her levels of anxiety. Soraya is brilliant at what she does, and we can't thank her enough. I would highly recommend her services. "  

  Mom of Hannah, age 13, Wicklow (2021/2022)


"My daughter has been attending Soraya for almost one year and the difference I could see was almost instantaneous from their first couple of sessions together! My daughter would spend a lot of time in her room with depression and this stopped after only a brief period of time attending her counselling. During my reviews every few weeks with Soraya, she listens to any concerns I may have and addresses them. Soraya also has a wonderful, gentle and therapeutic approach which I feel is one of the reasons that my daughter looks forward to her sessions. I would highly recommend Soraya to anybody who is experiencing any problems or lows in their life!"  

  Mom of Emma, age 16, Dublin (2021/2022)


"From our first time meeting Soraya we knew we had made the right decision in seeking help for our son.  From the get go Soraya was amazing to not just my son but to myself too and she helped me along the way on how to deal with the situation a lot better.  The change in my son after just a few sessions was amazing - day to day life became so much brighter and easier for him and he was starting to enjoy life so much more.


The work and dedication Soraya put in with my son was second to none and I will never be able to thank her enough for all she has done for not just my child but for our family.  Everyone is shocked at how much of a change there is in him - family, friends, even teachers have picked up the phone to tell me they can't believe how much happier he is in day to day life.  Soraya is absolutely amazing at what she does and she really goes above and beyond to help the children she sees. 


I would highly recommend her and will forever be grateful for everything she has done for my son and our family."  

  Mom of Stephen, age 11, Wicklow (2021/2022)


"I want to thank you so much for being a strong support in holding my daughter and her wellbeing so well in these last few months.  I feel like the sessions have helped her manage a transition in herself that was becoming overwhelming for her.


Thank you for helping her to find tools to overcome self harm habits that she had started. She now has great tools to help her with the anxieties and issues arising with her teenage life and her friend groups.  I have great confidence in your work and I hope Sophie will return if and when she needs this support going forward.


I am hugely grateful for your support to my daughter and my family."  

  Mom of Sophie, age 14, Dublin (2021)


"A good therapist provides help, assistance and tools that you need to get you through life's ups and downs.


During the course of my life, I was fortunate to experience that kind of help and support.


With that very help and support - I know for sure that we can reap the benefits and really experience the magic that life has to offer!


Some professionals are naturally gifted and great at their profession.  It's my humble opinion that Soraya is one of these people.


Soraya creates a safe place whereby you can work through the process.  She is thoughtful, kind, understanding and most of all, a great listener.


Sometimes that's what we need, time and space to eventually arrive at our own conclusions!  Soraya provides all of this and more. 


I would highly recommend her."  

Jane, age 54, Dublin (2021)


"As parents with a teenager who is struggling, we were nervous of the unknown.  Researching a Psychotherapist who works with adolescents was a daunting task to say the least.  Soraya made this task simple. We felt very reassured from the first phone call.  The connection was there and the feeling of trust was a great relief. This enabled us to have confidence in the process thus portraying this positively on to our daughter.  Our first meeting was very relaxed but very organised.  We felt we were listened to and our daughter was going to be in good hands.  There was no judgement and it was a safe space for our daughter to talk.  Our daughter is enjoying the sessions and getting great benefits from attending.  In her own words, 'Soraya is so nice and so normal'.  She is happy to go every week which is a sure sign of progress.  Thank you for all your help and for allowing this process to be seamless."  

  Parents of Angela, age 14, Dublin (2021)


"My daughter has found working with Soraya very good and helpful in a nice relaxed environment.  The therapy has helped her deal with the issues she was really struggling with.  I would highly recommend Soraya to anyone who is struggling and needs help."

  Parents of Michaela, age 12, Dublin (2021)


"I have been seeing Soraya for 6 sessions now.  In that time I already feel a change for the better.  She's very devoted to her clients and applies her kind and understanding attitude to every session.  She really listens to everything I have to say."

  Josh, age 16, Dublin (2021)


"From our first session with Soraya she made us feel that we had made the right decision in helping our son to overcome some issues he had been dealing with.  It's hard enough being a teenager at the best of times but having someone so professional like Soraya to help them understand what is going on is a great help for all of us.  We have noticed a positive change in Josh's mood.  Our children are our most precious gift after all and you would do anything to help them. We would have no hesitation in recommending Soraya to parents who feel the same."

  Parents of Josh, age 16, Dublin (2021)


"Soraya has helped me grow in confidence and understanding of myself, for this I will always be grateful to her."

  Melanie, age 30, Dublin (2021)


"I found working with Soraya really good and beneficial. She is very easy to talk to and always made me feel very comfortable. Never made me talk about anything I didn’t want to, but also never made me feel like I had nothing to talk about.

Soraya always made me feel heard and really listened to everything I had to say. If I had spoken about something a couple of weeks ago she would still remember it all the weeks later.

Going to counselling with Soraya made me deal with my problems so much better than I would have before I started attending sessions with her. I think in a much better and positive way which still stands to me greatly now.

I would highly recommend Soraya because she has the skills that help with dealing with problems/issues that friends might not have. Every time I came out of counselling I felt like I had such a weight lifted off my shoulders and so much more positive than before."

 Jamie, age 18, Dublin (2020)


[All of the testimonials have been written by past or current clients and their real names have been changed to maintain and protect confidentiality]

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