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How I chose the logo for my brand...

I thought it would be important to explain the reasoning behind why I specifically decided on and chose this logo as my brand. The reasoning was two-fold :

Firstly : the image depicts, a child, an adolescent and an adult – the three groups that my services will all eventually be offered to.

Secondly : I tried to come up with an image that is also based on ‘self’, so I focused on the theory behind Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, that being, within each individual there is : ‘The Parent’, ‘The Adult’, and ‘The Child’ – 3 ego-states that we all shift in and out of, depending on our behaviour, thoughts and feelings, when we transact with others. It is therefore my hope that I can provide a space in a therapeutic setting, where my clients feel they can explore their relationship transactions and better understand them.

Berne, E. (1961). Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy. A systematic Individual and Social Psychiatry. New York: Grove Press.

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